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To Wonder in ZUN


ZUN is the nonsensical and vulnerable desire to carry on when all seems tangled. 

Cop this tee as the ultimate guidance around town! 
With a clay mouth baring warm words, button cheeks from streaks of gay and the estate - home, embedded on the nose, nurturing every breath. This is ‘ZUN’ the one who hits the panes of my window every morning gifting that nonsensical and vulnerable desire to carry on when all seems tangled in the ends.

Campaign ends: 21st December 2021. Your item is produced and shipped within 2 weeks following this date.

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Keep Hush Merch Service allows underground artists to produce premium quality, sustainable merch, with no risk for them.  Each item is made to order at the end of the sales period.

What you pay is split between the artist, production costs, VAT and fees, and Keep Hush.  Typically, 30-50% of what you spend in total goes to the artist, with 15-20% going to Keep Hush.

We handle everything for the artist, so please contact us with any issues or questions.

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In order to reduce waste, KHMS items are sold in campaigns. Please check the item description to see when the campaign ends. At the end of the campaign, all of the orders go to print and get shipped within 10 working days.

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Items may arrive separately. 

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