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In an effort to actively campaign for International Day for the Elimination of Violence against
Women, GRETA FILMS has partnered with friend and London based graphic designer and art
director, CM-DP to design a t-shirt with the aim to raise funds and awareness to end domestic
abuse and sexual violence against women.
We say no more to silence, shame, and stigma that women, non-binary and female-identifying
people carry for suffering domestic or sexual violence. We want to hold men and the state
accountable in order to bring real change to the table. There needs to be a turning point in both
education and behavior to ensure safety at home and in our communities.
For this reason, all our profits will go to END VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, one of the leading
coalitions of survivors, NGO’s and activists that not only campaigns for every level of government to
adopt approaches to ending and preventing violence against women and girls, but challenges the
wider cultural attitudes that tolerate and condone this abuse.
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Shipping in December

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