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Orainn by R.Kitt


Orainn is R.Kitt's label and the name references how emotion is described in the Irish language. When talking about emotions in Irish, we say the feeling is on us. The inherent transience in this style of description of emotion is far more accurate than the rigid, static way we describe our feelings in English. Similarly, music has a very analogously transient emotional effect. The feelings visit us briefly, interacting with us for ethereal, spiritual moments before flittering away as the music stops. On a dancefloor, this feeling is even more profound. Joined together by rhythm and movement, our emotional experience is concentrated and heightened collectively, making it so clear that this feeling is on us, not in us.


Heavyweight 220gsm 100% combed cotton tee.

Printed in the UK on ethically sourced blank garments.


Campaign ends: 07/12/20  tee ships within 7 working days of the campaign ending.

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Keep Hush Merch Service allows underground artists to produce premium quality merch, with no risk for them.  Each item is made to order at the end of the sales period, with the artist being paid out weekly.

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We handle everything for the artist, so please contact us with any issues or questions.

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In order to improve print quality and reduce waste, KHMS items are sold in campaigns. Please check the item description to see when the campaign ends. At the end of the campaign, all of the orders go to print and get shipped within 7 working days.

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Due to the item being made to order for you, we can only offer refunds for faulty items.  We can accept exchanges to another size of the same item. Get in touch within 14 days of delivery via support@keephush.net

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